Mens Vets Red Lions
Sat 07 Jan 2023
Sunbury & Walton Hawks H.C.
Mens Vets Red Lions
Telephone numbers… by Hoppy

Telephone numbers… by Hoppy

Robin Griffiths8 Jan 2023 - 17:29
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New Year Lions

The Lions’ first foray of the New Year saw us travel over the savanna to Teddington.

After a 4 all draw on our last fixture, the Lions were surprised to barely recognise any of the previous opposition but faced, in part, a very lively young bunch of cheetahs - who presumably had no league game today…

Whatever, the Lions had a strong start but with the Serangeti Plain between attack and defence, huge gaps appeared and the faster opposition legs soon took advantage…

The Lions created a good number of potential chances but scored no kills.

It was also rumoured that Wade in goal had been on a 3 day safari in the Richmond pubs before the game…
And who knew Conrad was a goalkeeping coach, when he suggested Wade should stop lying down when we were at 7 – 0 down?

Despite a really tough game it was played to the full and the Lions missed several opportunities.
Our own young cub tore strips down the left-hand side and at full pelt with the ball was still uncatchable – until a stick round the ankle from behind resulted in a rare yellow card for Teddington.

End result – a 10 – 0 loss…or was

And so to the bar. Teddington, excellent hosts, made sure everyone had a drink to lick their wounds with and subsequent discussions were held across pints.
All was going well until a Teddington chap, feasting on our bones, said that “despite winning by telephone numbers you were a really good opposition…” How Rude!
At this stage however after originally having 11 Lions in the bar, the Lions were winning by 8 to 2 left at the end in Teddington’s own hunting ground.
So, on goal difference at the end Teddington were 4 up but due to the rude comment forfeited a goal meaning the end result was Teddington 3, Lions 0.

Of other note, Robbie is still homeless and was last seen when leaving, looking for cardboard boxes behind the bar to add to his abode underneath Hammersmith Bridge.

Meanwhile David, on a walking marathon challenge this year, announced he was walking 3 miles to Gaucho in Richmond (and then back before driving home). It was suggested that he might ask to borrow a dog from the oppo so he might have a chance of a pull along the way and not dine on his own but Gaucho is expensive and he didn’t like this idea.

Despite a mauling, the Lions did play very well in spells and had a great day overall.

With thanks to Peter for umpiring - and Teddington for the thumping!

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Sat 07 Jan 2023




Teddington School, Broom Road, Teddington TW11 9PJ
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