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Jitz’s 60th !!!

Jitz’s 60th !!!

Robin Griffiths21 May - 15:01
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Red Lions Celebrate

Match Report – Jitz’s 60th Celebrations!!!
Fantastic Day!
Jitz is 60 and very kindly invited some of his favourite Red Lions team members to join him with his family and friends to Silvermere Golf Course for, golf, beers and a superb buffet, to celebrate him reaching 60.
With a 7:30 tee-off on a Saturday, an early shower saw me tee off with Colin, Cliff and Peter for a very entertaining round of lost and found balls, pond skimming and card saving putts.
Cliff saved my front 9 finding my ball in deep rough, so I was able to secure a point.
Col hit some crackers to secure overall winner – to be awarded a (really very good) hand crafted trophy by Jitz trophy from his wood shed. Jitz should, perhaps however, by his own admission, get out more of his wood shed and onto the driving range? He did then go on to state that he is The Lions most prolific and effective goal scorer.
After the round Trev rocks up in the patio bar. I am afraid a few of our friends were quite rude about his sartorial beige apparel. They were probably right.
Robbie then tells us he is now “threading the needle” every morning. Something to do with his bad back apparently. Much mirth ensues.
Trev then interjects that he has a full suit of Medieval armour in his wardrobe. Yep – it gets complicated.
Trev then starts a joke – and forgets the punch line. He did recall it, but I have forgotten it now as well.
There was some conversation about Trev’s bum and twerking at bowls and sleeping naked bar under satin sheets in Greece…
We digress.
To my golfing team today, it was great fun and Peter at 85 you are incredible.
Collectively The Lions bought Jitz a tip tip golf shirt as as small thank you and Happy Birthday gift – unfortunately, to our ignorance, it was in the colours of Aston Villa and so the receipt in the bag may prevail to a more Coventry basis.
Jitz – thank you again for an absolutely smashing day and for your very generous hospitality.
Let’s do it again!
Hoppy and all of The Red Lions
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